Virginia’s Mold Inspection Experts

Visible moisture, mold, humidity, or even musty odors can be indications of an indoor air quality condition. Call Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental for a mold inspection in Virginia so we can provide the proper solutions right away. Our indoor air quality specialists are well-trained and properly equipped to locate any contamination that exists in your home or building as well as its source. We are qualified to provide moisture mapping services and can pinpoint sources that support mold growth in your property.

Our Mold Inspection Service Includes:

In addition to the above contaminants, we also are proficient with assessing issues with:

  • Indoor Air Samples
  • Tape Lift / Swab Samples
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Boroscope
  • Property Inspection for Conditions Conducive to Mold Growth

Certified Scope of Work or Clearance

Once a home or building evaluation is complete and lab results return, your indoor environmental consultant will review and provide a conclusion for repair or a certified clearance letter if normal fungal ecology is confirmed. Entrust the mold inspection work to us! Call us at (877) 932-4652 to schedule an appointment.